Words At The Wise

Season 5 Episode 2

December 3rd, 2018 at 8PM at Wise Bar

Episode 2 will feature Claire Horsnell, who will be reading a preview to the upcoming sequel to her debut novel The Crowsbrook Demons, Guernica Editions Editor-in-Chief Michael Mirolla, reading from his new book The Photographer in Search of Death, Ben O’Neil, artist, filmmaker and writer, whose collection of graphic short stories will be released in spring of 2019, and finally, me!

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We will be off in January, but stay tuned, February’s readers will be announced shortly!

Words at the Wise is still looking for readers for 2019! If you are interested in coming out to read, please get in touch with a sample of your work at versustheneanderthals@gmail.com. If you want to get a better idea of my sensibilities, you can see samples of my own work on the home page of Versus the Neanderthals.

I am strictly looking for fiction for these nights. I feel that poetry tends to dominate the reading landscape, and I’m looking to get away from that. In terms of preferences, I tend towards surrealism, magic realism and humour, with a preference for shorter works. One of the advantages of poetry is its brevity. Longer stories need to be really compelling.

There is a space for featured authors to sell books and chapbooks of their work.

See you December 3rd and February 4th!


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