Mel’s Goat

Raoul got Mel’s goat. When the guy came to drop it off, Mel wasn’t home. Raoul, who lived next door, came out and said Mel was his neighbour and his friend and the guy let Raoul sign for it.
Anyone in the neighbourhood could have told the guy that Mel and Raoul weren’t friends, and that Raoul wasn’t friends with anyone on the street, and that he was always trying to get our goats, but Mrs Li was the only person who saw what was happening and she had to get back to the store, because there was a customer.
Mel didn’t even realize until Raoul came over with a kid on a leash and told her what had happened. Mel said thanks for signing for the goat, and she reached for the leash, but Raoul pulled the goat away.
Raoul said Mel wasn’t home when the goat was dropped off and why was that? Mel said she had to work, and Raoul said she worked a lot, and she went out a lot of evenings, and he didn’t think she was fit to own a goat, so he was keeping it. Mel said she’d paid good money for the goat and her life was her business, and Raoul shrugged and said he had her goat and good luck getting it back.
Mel said that was theft, and Raoul said call the cops then. He said if she called the cops, they’d take every goat on the street, because you can’t keep goats in the city, and pretty well everybody on the street had a goat, and they’d be pretty pissed at Mel.
Mel went to Lisa’s place in tears and Lisa got some people on the street together and we decided to get Mel’s goat back and to get Raoul’s goat while we were at it, and Frank’s goat, which Raoul had gotten while everyone else was off at Frank’s funeral.
We gave Lisa’s daughter Sam a boost up to one of the upstairs windows at Raoul’s place, and she got in and snuck down and opened the door and we went in and got Mel’s goat and Raoul’s goat and Frank’s goat.
Raoul tried to stop us, but Asif, who was a head shorter than Raoul, but worked out, shoved Raoul in a closet and stopped it with a chair under the handle.
Raoul was so pissed when he finally got out that he called the cops. The cops came down and got all of our goats, because you can’t keep goats in the city, and everybody on the street is pissed at the cops in a way that they never were with Raoul.

One thought on “Mel’s Goat

  1. An expression I never really understood before. Would make a great cbc radio series…”English for the uninitiated” Am sick again and don’t seem to be able to get unsick. I have given up on healthy, but would be happily unsick. Uncough, Uncough, …. Myrna

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